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March 26, 2011 - Channeling from "Iris"


Hello, I’m Iris and I live at the bottom of the sea.

In these days the sea of Japan has showed all its destructive power, launching a huge 10 meter wave against the Japanese coasts.

The sea is neither good nor bad, it only reacts to the stimuli it receives from Gaia, our Mother Earth in common.

This earthquake and the subsequent tsunami are part of the adjustment that our planet is making to mutate into the new planetary state that is to come, and it’s no use lamenting over them.

We must act as observers and witnesses of these events that are necessary for the establishment of the New Earth.

And if we have to live through them in our own geographical zones, then we must act also, as for some reason we are incarnate in this place.

If we don’t live in an area that has been affected by the earthquake, then our prayers and good wishes for the situation to be solved as soon as possible and for there to be as little victims as possible, as long as it is within the law, will be welcome.

The situation that remains in the Japan archipelago after the earthquake, and the one that has just struck the area of Myanmar in China, has turned very precarious and delicate, and it’s possible that more earthquakes will occur in the seas of Asia.

That zone is especially sensitive to the readjustments of Gaia; remember the earthquake and posterior tsunami of Indonesia or the earthquake in Thailand.

These geological alterations also affect and alter our cities under the sea, and sometimes some of the underwater tectonic plates' movement cause many deaths among us; and instead, you are not even aware of them on the surface.

Sometimes it is the other way around, and we don’t suffer the consequences in the bottom of the sea.

It all depends on where the epicenter of the earthquake is.

Now I must go, as I have to collaborate with my brothers and sisters in the reconstruction of a part of an underwater city that is very near to ours, that has suffered a mishap from another geological adjustment, although not as serious as the events in Japan.

Until our next communication.


Translator: Gloria Mühlebach

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