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S A T H Y A S A I B A B A . To Kris-Won (04-04-2011)

Beloved Children:

I want to write a you a few lines, as there is much suffering that I’m feeling in the hearts of my devotees and of the followers of my teachings, and I want t give you relief so you don’t suffer for me.

My body is prostrated upon a bed, recovering from an intervention that doctors have carried out, putting a cardiac pacemaker inside it.

But my refulgent and “átmic” being continues its journey among you; I am still with you, pampering and protecting you, as the lashes protect the eyes, without resting for even a moment.

My biggest happiness is to make you happy, my beloved ones, my Bangarus, and I don’t know what it is to seek entertainment for myself, as all I do, absolutely all, is for your pleasure and enjoyment.

I wish to raise you to the spiritual heights that I pretend; that is my Mission, for which I have come to this body.

And you can remain calm, my children, because until I’ve achieved all the labour I have come to do, this body will keep working, and the heart that urges it will keep beating, be it with the help of this pacemaker or without its help.

This is my Divine Will, this is my Sankalpa.

So don’t suffer anymore, don’t cry for me anymore, as your tears pierce through my heart, like red hot irons!

I want to soothe you so you continue with your Sadhana, with your service, singing your Bhajans and praises to God, with a calm mind and a heart swollen with happiness, proving this way that you are worthy devotees of God.

I bless you and am with you always, wherever you are, because my presence in you is your breath.

I am yours, and you are mine, and this circumstance will not ever change, while Creation lasts and we are part of It.

And this will keep being so during the following centuries, without changing.

I bring you to my Being in a profound and eternal Cosmic Embrace.

Your Swami

Traductor English: Mcarena Herreros


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