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SaLuSa Channeling(18-03-2011)


Washing the dishes in the kitchen I have clearly heard SaLuSa from Sirius 'talking' to me mentally and that he wanted to speak through me. I told him I'd rather not contact the sources of other channels for respect to them and he insisted and declared that he did want to speak through me. So, knowing that this Being is regularely channeled by Mike Quinsey, and as I don't t channel whenever I want, rather when they want to transmit, when I was done with the dishes I go to 'my office' and I'm at SaLuSa's disposal.

I am SaLuSa, from Sirius. I have come today to speak to all of you through a channel that is not habitual, for a reason that Mike knows, and as a medium for him ti understand something.

There is also another reason, but I will keep it, even if some particular people know why I'm doing it like this today.

To those people I say don't be in the mind, don't try to shuffle more cards than you are capable of, as long as you act or speak with humility and without vainglory of what you know, as the greek thinker said "you should only know that you know nothing".

Today I have come to speak about desire. There are people amongst you that have so many riches that they don't know what to do with the money they have, however, they are still unhappy and desire to have even more. 

And when they get more, they won't be happy, because the owner of such company has even more, and they can't be less, certainly noy! That's why they spend their lives desiring more and more, in spite of how much they already have.

Isn't it easier that a modest person, that only has the minimum and enough to live with dignity, can get to be happy than the first one, who in spite of having much, he desired even more?

That is why Christ said that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. 

However, not every rich and powerful person in the world is like this, there are also those with a good heart that don't doubt helping others. 

But there are very few, they are in fact the minority, a lot but the one who desires little, or that is satisfied whit what they have got.
You all know the adaggio that is not rich the one who has

In truth, there is no one richer than who is happy with what thay have. 

Not more, not less, they are happy with what life has given them, and ambition and greed will never damage them.

I advise you to not waste your energy accumulating riches in this three dimensional world, but do good deeds and share what you have with those in greatest need. 

There won't be anyone richer than the one who shares what little they have with the rest.

And the one who does this is most beloved to the Creator, believe me!

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I invite you to share that which life has smiled in abundance and generosity wtih, and that you are equally generous with those that ask for your help, or that you know they need it. 

And the heavens will know how to reward you in it's fair measure.

Published by Kris-Won

Transaltor: Macarena

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