martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Salomé. Greetings to all human beings

Note by KrisWon: I sat in front of my laptop to begin a new channeling from Commander Sohin, that we usually do on Sundays; but after waiting a while and finding myself in a profound inner meditation, Salomé, a regular acquaintance of mine who has been sending me telepathic messages for a few years now, is in a small ship orbiting the Earth in a mission along with four partners, two men and two women, tells me that Sohin is busy in that moment with an urgent task, she tells me it has to do with the blocking that They do of the aggressive acts from those in darkness. I ask her if she graciously accepts to star in this Sunday’s channeling. We will see what happens)

Greetings to all human beings who read this message. We greet you, us, your cosmic brothers and sisters, who have come to back you up and give you our support in the current moments of planetary transition. 

Yes, it’s true, I know Cristian very well, although he doesn’t remember the encounters between us and him consciously, because it’s better this way for the moment. 

We have been contacting him for several years, during which we have been preparing him, molding him and working over his subtle centers, especially for telepathic reception, as he would need it for his work of mental reception with all of us.

Some more of you are being worked on likewise, mainly in the functional reactivation of the pineal gland, which is the antenna that your physical body has to receive the mental impulses coming from other minds.

It is precise that our work is developed step by step and during successive ‘interventions’ that normally take place while our contacts are asleep. 

These alterations that we do in your pineal gland, as well as other centers in your body, some of them also in your etheric body, in the circular and rotating energy centers that you call chakras, if they were done in only one session this could produce severe damages, which is why it becomes necessary to act on them in a spaced out way and following certain guidelines.

In a near future, these interventions on your physical and etheric bodies will be done on all humanity, and their DNA chain will be conveniently modified, so that your physical bodies are always healthy and not so prone at contracting illnesses as you are now, because as a general rule, and due a diet that is deficient and polluted by your own chemical products, your immune systems do not have the effectiveness one could expect.

The human race of this planet will be, with our intervention, propelled towards the obtainment of a perfect physical body, and I don’t mean the achievement of physical beauty at all. In this sense, you are being manipulated by the cosmetic and pharmacological industry, which constantly bombards you with subliminal messages to make you keep an unhealthy obsession with keeping your body beautiful, because they want to make you believe that you are worth for the physical appearance that you have.

But the truth is, what you must do is keep your body healthy, without the adulterated need to remain beautiful at every age. 

Each age has its own charm and beauty is purely within, it is not based on more or less wrinkles in the skin or not having an ounce of fat on the body. 

If obesity is very harmful, this is true, you mustn’t reach a point that you are obsessed in this way if you have a few extra kilos or if you have a few wrinkles on your face.

First take care of being happy, of breathing deeply several times a day, if it’s possible fresh air from the country, to keep a peaceful and inner calm state; this is much more important. When you are calm within, you will also manifest that peace in your bodies in a natural way and without the need of losing valuable hours of your precious time going to gyms, saunas or beauty parlors.

Set, first, a goal to reach in your life that is worthy, don’t walk blindly through life.

And when this is set, walk with decision avoiding all obstacles with the security that you will sort through them, with intelligence, making use of your talents and skills. 

And last, I advise all readers to not spend so much time in front of the TV. 

Pick programs that you will watch and be selective with the time you dedicate to watching them, as the mental food with which you feed your minds is as or more important than the physical food you ingest with your mouth.

Us, visitors from our worlds and planes, will be able to help you efficiently if you also help yourselves.

Take note of this advise, and don’t discard them as the person who reads the news of the day and the forgets them. 

Be consequent with all your acts, weigh your decisions well and don’t act lightly, because in the present there’s much at stake.

Greeting you with much love and spirit of fraternity,


Canal : Kris-Won

Traductor: Macarena Herreros,Gloria and Steve

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